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This package provides a number of testing frameworks.

Provides a mixin class for cleaning up after tests that make global changes.

An HTML parser that extracts form information.

Python 2 only

This is intended to support functional tests that need to extract information from HTML forms returned by the publisher.

See formparser.txt.


Support for testing logging code

If you want to test that your code generates proper log output, you can create and install a handler that collects output.

Logging handler for tests that check logging output.

Lets a doctest pretend to be a Python module.

See module.txt.

Regular expression pattern normalizing output checker. Useful for doctests.

Provides a simple HTTP server compatible with the zope.app.testing functional testing API. Lets you interactively play with the system under test. Helpful in debugging functional doctest failures.

Python 2 only

A simple framework for automating doctest set-up and tear-down. See setupstack.txt.
A small utility for dealing with timing non-determinism See wait.txt.

Getting started

zope.testing uses buildout. To start, run python bootstrap.py. It will create a number of directories and the bin/buildout script. Next, run bin/buildout. It will create a test script for you. Now, run bin/test to run the zope.testing test suite.